Retirement Education Classes

Retirement Education Classes, Huge Opportunities!

If you are tired of buying steak dinners for strangers, and are looking for an opportunity to educate qualified prospects who pay you to attend your class, get ready to be blown away with our Retirement Education Program!  We will teach you how to position yourself as the teacher and knowledgeable professional on topics that retirees are desperately wanting to learn more about. This credibility may enhance your opportunity to become their trusted advisor.

Excellent Results! Simple Solution!

This is not hype. This is from real producers. You can learn this simple system and have similar results today!

  • Tired of providing high dollar steak dinners?
  • What if consumers actually paid YOU to attend a class?
  • Are you interested in presenting to high net worth qualified prospects?


Consumers are tired of dinner seminar sales pitches and are becoming increasingly attracted to nonthreatening, unbiased financial literacy classes. The founder of our Retirement Education Program was conducting over 59 dinner seminars a year. Each month he watched attendance decrease and his direct mail costs increase. He knew there must be a better way.

Out of this experience, came the curriculum for one of the most extensive financial literacy programs in the country. It’s so powerful that qualified consumers are willing to pay to attend the class! Best of all, no steak dinners are required!

Working through Wealth Watch Partners, you will have access to a TOTALLY DONE FOR YOU, plug and play business model. Keep in mind, however, that there are territories, so don’t delay. Contact your Wealth Watch Partners sales team today to find out more!