Snappy Kraken

Hosted Seminars Done Better!

If you’re tired of giving seminars and are frustrated by the way they suck up your resources, you are not alone.

If you’ve hosted seminars in the past, then you know they are expensive, labor intensive, and a huge drain on your time. Unfortunately, some advisers will never grow beyond seminar marketing. They will spend the rest of their careers mailing postcards and feeding strangers.

But that doesn’t have to be you. In fact, by combining two proven technologies that are currently used successfully in other industries, you may never have to give another seminar again.


What If You Could Deliver A Seminar Once And Then Show It To A Fresh Audience Of Qualified Viewers Each Month?

Seminar Freedom is an automated marketing machine that:

Turns one day

 of your time into hundreds of seminars – that can run 24/7/365


your marketing to capture leads, boost attendance, and convert cold leads into hot prospects – without taking up any more of your time

Scales your seminar

program to reach thousands more people each month – while improving your work/life balance and freeing up your time

Tracks every click,

registration, and lead in a simple dashboard – giving you powerful insight into the effectiveness of your marketing

Take Advantage

Wealth Watch Partners has negotiated a discounted rate for our advisors who would like to use the Seminar Freedom program from Snappy Kraken.  In fact, by working with Snappy Kraken our advisors are also able to take advantage of their whole suite of services.