401k Marketing Program

Save for Retirement

The term 401k  has become synonymous with “saving for retirement”. Over 73 million Americans contribute to their employer-sponsored 401(k) plans each year. The total amount of funds currently held in 401(k) accounts is in excess of $5 Trillion, with that number growing each day.

Have you ever thought about tapping into...

a piece of this incredible market, but just didn’t know where to start? At Wealth Watch Partners, we can help you every step of the way. We’ve partnered with one of the country’s leading 401k prospecting, proposal and administration firms called PCS Capital.

Using their proprietary Advisor Lab software, you will easily be able to identify and market to hundreds of prospective plans in your market. We’ve created a compelling presentation message that leads your prospect to request a benchmark of their current 401k plan. The Advisor Lab system generates high quality, customized reports that point out the true costs associated with the plan, potential flaws in the plan, and highlights the fiduciary liability that the plan trustees are unknowingly subjecting themselves to.

All of this sets the stage perfectly for you to step in and take over the plan. Our partnership with investment managers allows you to offer clients fiduciary relief because of their status as an ERISA approved 3(21) and 3(38) provider.

Working Together

One of the biggestbenefits of taking over a 401k is that it positions you as the financial educator for that company. Employees perceive you as the ‘go to” advisor for questions on other issues such as Life Insurance, LTC, Disability and more. Statistics show that on average 5% – 7% of the workforce turns over each year, providing you with rollover opportunities as well. For more updates check this site sideeffects.com.

Working through Wealth Watch Partners, you will have access to this complete 401k turnkey system. Contact your Wealth Watch sales team today to find out more!